Streamline test case management and task tracking then accomplish more.

Learn how painless testing  can be with Testnetic.


A dashboard that keeps you in control

Testnetic delivers a clear, concise and comprehensive view of the project status. Graphs deliver visual cues that instantly provide key performance indicators ensuring your projects stay on track.

Test the way you want to

There are many different testing techniques. At Testnetic you are not locked into a single testing technique. Black box, exploratory, anyway you like; Testnetic works for you.

Work anywhere – be anywhere

Selection of Testnetic in the cloud means there are no geographic barriers to where your team is located. Select the best team members, from anywhere in the world rather than someone who is local.

Get going faster with a short learning curve

With Testnetic you’ll be underway in minutes not hours or days, making it a delight for testers and developers alike.

More features – fewer applications

Testnetic reduces the number of required applications. Test case management, testing, issue tracking and work allocation all in a single application reduce costs, learning curves and increase productivity.

Support that means support

We have experienced the frustrations of waiting for assistance, that is why we make a genuine effort to really assist our customers

In-app Collaboration

With Testnetic users can notify and collaborate in-app with other users that are working on an activity without sending emails.

Secure multi-project support

Users can be invited to specific projects and will only have visibility to those projects. Freelancers can gain access to multiple projects from multiple clients with a single email address.