Version and Environment Testing

If you are like most companies you will have several versions of your website or web application. There naturally will be production. There usually is staging and there could be development, separate to development that takes place on the developers local machine. So what is the best way to coordinate testing? How do you insure […]

Using Test Suites for Regression Testing

Human nature dictates that the focus is on new things and in the context of software product that is also the case. But it is critical to ensure core features and previous capability is not broken or lost with the introduction of new code, whether that be attending to previous bugs or introduction of new […]

eGuide: Software Testing For Startups.

Here is an eBook that focuses  introducing  to testing for startups. Few startups have dedicated testers so testing applications should be easily accessible by people without testing experience or training. But despite there being no technical specialist it is literally never to early to commence testing. As an example, if  the application the only the […]