eGuide: Software Testing For Startups.

Here is an eBook that focuses  introducing  to testing for startups.

Few startups have dedicated testers so testing applications should be easily accessible by people without testing experience or training. But despite there being no technical specialist it is literally never to early to commence testing.

As an example, if  the application the only the login component built testing can begin.

  • Does the screen render in Safari, Chrome and Firefox?
  • Does it send emails on lost password?
  • Does format verification work correctly?
  • Do new registration work correctly?
  • Are the formats and spelling in emails correct?
  • If a username has been taken does it reject second attempts?

That is the tip of the iceberg!

GET THE eBOOK No registration required.

There are ten pages of useful tips with an introduction to testing, the testing methodology, the six principles of testing. Lasting writing a test plan and some other useful resources will get effective testing underway.

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