Intuitive, Comprehensive and Affordable

Make testing an asset; replace multiple tools, get teams working better, get to market faster, create happier customers and save money.

Dashboard >> Burn-down charts, bugs tracking and work allocation.

Tasks >> Document bugs and issues; create filters and assign work.

Test Cases >> Create and import Test Cases that reflect user scenarios.

Colloboration >> Reduce emails and increase efficiency with in app comms.

Test Runs >> Create Test Runs for different testing scenarios such as environment.

Integration >> Quickly connect external apps. More constantly added.

Test Suites >> Consolidate Test Cases in multiple logical  functional groups.

Coverage Taceability >> Align testing with specifications and requirements.

More than just a free trial. A free plan.


Burn-down charts, developer work load analysis, tester productivity, priorities and outstanding tasks keep the team on schedule.

Test Cases

With Testnetic create Test Cases with procedure and result, quickly import from an excel spreadsheet or a previous project.


Test Suites

Take any Test Case and  add it to multiple Test Suites that reflect differing test and QA requirements. Use these Test Suites to create required Test Runs for differing versions and environments.


Test Runs

Once a Test Run is created assign it to a person and set a target date. Failed tests are automatically created as a tasks. Re-run at any stage and export as an spreadsheet to evaluate test coverage.



Incorporating a bug and issue tracker reduces learning curve, complexity and costs. Failed tests are and any task can be added to improve productivity and collaboration.



Use In-App notifications and Slack integration to enhance teamwork and reduce email traffic. This leads to faster and a more effective development regime.



You might never need a single integration, but starting with Slack, we are adding more every month. Need one urgently; just ask.


Coverage Analysis

Reconcile testing again design specifications with Traceability and Coverage reporting. This optimises quality and reduces reworking.