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For many areas of technology there is no standard terms or expressions. To simplify Testnetic here are some of our commonly used expressions:

PROJECT: Typically this would be the complete application or website. For more larger applications it might be best to divide the total application into separate projects.

TEST SUITE: Useful to divide the project into smaller “sections” or components, for instance, at Testnetic we divide each menu item into a section for testing. Each suite contains a collection of tests. A number of Test Cases together are referred to as a Test Suite. Test Suites may subsequently be used as a Test Run or a Test Scenario. Test Suites may be copied and edited according to a Test Scenario or Test Run requirement.

DASHBOARD: The dashboard is a graphical representation of the the metric or key performance indicators (KPIs) of the team using Testnetic.


Create Test: The definition of what is a successful test and what is the test process to achieve it.

View Tests: here the user can view all the test definitions.

Run Test: Carry out a specific test against the definition provided in Create Test. Successful tests are added to View Passed Results. Failed Tests are added to Activity with a workflow status of Backlog against them.

View Passed Results: All tests that are passed are added to View Passed Results.

CREATE ISSUE: Sometimes an activity needs to be created independent of a test. Typically this might be a User Interface related task, for instance something that does not relate to a particular test. Some people use Testnetic only in this mode, as an issue tracker.

ACTIVITY: All failed tests and tasks are automatically added here. Their due date, who they are assigned to and importance are all controlled here.

TASKS: Any failed test or issue that is created will and added to Tasks. It is here that tasks are allocated, importance and status maintained.