Aussi Startup/Tech/SaaS Offer

Do you want to improve testing, reduce development costs and get product out faster?

Understood but infrequently said is that testing takes a back seat with getting product to market. Low priority, lack of time, expertise and resources are typically stated as the reasons.

Well Testnetic, a Richmond based started, would like to assist. Testnetic is a cloud application that provides Test Case Management and Issue/Bug Tracking all in an elegant comprehensive platform. The product is used successfully by a few friendly accounts and we would like to extend that to the wider Melbourne community.

What is the Offer?

Naturally if it transpires that Testnetic is not useful for your purpose you may cancel at any time.

Why the Offer?

Before undertaking the expense of advertising and marketing we want to clearly understand if there is any “show stoppers”. To date the feedback has been very positive, but limited to “friendly” accounts. In our view the product is now suitable for general release, however we wish to confirm this is the case.

Obviously this demands a significant commitment from Testnetic, so only a small number of select Melbourne Startup/Tech business will be accepted on a first come first served suitability basis.

For More Information.

Our approach to testing and issue tracking saves money and accelerates product releases. Importantantly, it takes less time than you might think, so even if you are unsure reachout and we are happy to have a chat about how to create an effective testing solution.

It is simple. You must have a suitable product, that desires improved outcomes and have the commitment to support the objectives listed in the offer above.

For more information DM me on Facebook or reachout in the first instance via the contact from HERE. Subsequently we should have a phone conversation to confirm suitability and if so, agree a way forward.

* Until  December 2021 then normal PRICING will prevail. All prices are US$.