Enhanced Test Case and Suite Flexibility

Building quality applications requires a robust approach to Test Case Management. Therefore we are pleased to advise next time you login to Testnetic there will be one new key feature. The User Interface that you are familiar with is largely unchanged, but there are quite a few changes under the hood.

The major difference is the in the flexibility of how test cases are used. Now you will see when a Test Case is created it is added to a Test Library, where a single test can be run.

Typically in a large application there will be hundred of tests in the test Library.

Now you can build more flexibility into your testing regime with the ability of adding the same test to multiple Test Suites.

This enables different testers to work overlapping features and use the same test in multiple environments. For instance you might have two Test Suites with the same tests, to be used with Firefox and Chrome. There might be Test Suites for different versions on the software. It is only limited by your imagination.

Test Suite can be copied to be re-run, edited and additional tests can be added to a Test Suite.

When a Test Suite is run, each test is stepped through in the order they were added. Tests may be added or deleted to any Test Suite.

Our first users have be pleased with the extra flexibility it provides. If you require assistance please head to our support pages.



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