Combining structured testing and exploratory testing

The usual approach of Test Case management software is to have a structured testing approach; that is to say create test cases, execute those tests, document the outcomes and retest. To produce quality software this is essential.

However an additional scenario is that of project management, or to a lessor extent issue tracking. Often issue tracking is a consequence of exploratory testing rather that structured testing.

Flowchart of effective structured and exploratory testing


Our approach, which by all measures is unusual in a test case management application is to combine the two; structured testing and exploratory testing and layer it with workflow tools – the ability to assign work to a developer.

An old software adage (with respect to developers) is never let developers test their own code; wherever possible true but by the same token having them working closely together and having a single application to address both requirements, testing and issue tracking we believe is a sensible approach.

A byproduct is an economic one, having a single platform reduces costs, shortens the learning cycle and reduces risk. test Better | Develop Faster.

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