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“Testnetic Review”

Overall: Very good
Pros: Bug tracking and easy to use, we use the built in reporting a lot

“Simply great! ”

Pros: Testnetic is incredibly user friendly, comes packed with a whole bunch of features and is very reasonably priced. My favorite part is the collaboration features, allowing for quick and clear communication.

“Greatly improves our product processes”

Pros: Using Testnetic has made a big difference to our team – it’s bridging the gap between our product people and developers and will ultimately make our product a lot better. Things are flowing smoothly and I finally feel like nothing is falling through the cracks! I love that we can see the status of everything and what has happened. We’re already seeing a reduction in bugs due to better testing.

“A great solution for teams”

Overall: Overall, I’m really pleased with Testnetic and I feel that it can be a game changer for some companies in terms of bugs & tasks tracking.
Pros: The team collaboration feature and in-app messeging improve the team communication and let you keep all important information in one place (without using additional apps and jumping from one app to another). Additionally, Testnetic does not charge per user so you can add as many users as you really need without worrying about the final cost.

“Easy to use tool for test case management”

Overall: Testnetic is a straightforward and powerful tool for test case management and bug tracking.
Pros: The most striking feature of Testnetic is how simple it is to get started and run tests. The results dashboard is easy to access and means that critical information can be registered quickly saving the team time. It’s collaboration and project management features make it easier for a team to prioritize and manage test cases.