Version and Environment Testing

If you are like most companies you will have several versions of your website or web application. There naturally will be production. There usually is staging and there could be development, separate to development that takes place on the developers local machine. So what is the best way to coordinate testing? How do you insure the quality and accuracy of code through testing and all stages of the development cycle?

No great surprise but with Testnetic it is simple. It is tempting to create create multiple projects but another approach is to use two features located under the left hand menu, where the project is selected.

Locating and Defining Version and Environment

So in the case of Testnetic we have three versions, development, staging and production. We use the expression live rather than production as it is move meaningful as to the nature and implications of anything related to that version.

This results in the same test cases being able to be added to all three versions of the application or website. In terms of the development flow our developers use their location machine, then apply their quasi finished code to dev. for review and feedback. Here comments can be made by anyone product related. It also assists in the creation of  new and additional test cases that might have not been considered prior to development.

It can be useful to add test cases prior to the development as a use case becomes a test case which confirms the correct operation of a feature.

Using Environment

Typically environment refers to the type of environment that the user is working in such as the browser and operating system. However this can be adapted for other purposes such as the test type. Examples of this include Acceptance, Accessibility, Automated etc. We will be doing another blog article about using environment for this type of test definition.

As always please reach out if you have questions or comments. We are here to help.

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