Test Runs

Create tests that rigorously test for expected results and discover unexpected outcomes. Apply as a single test or create a test run.

Test Suites Versus Test Plans

As the old saying goes “One of the nice things about standards is there is so many to choose from.” Well the same applied to testing. We have seen many loose definitions and usages applied to testing and whilst some … Read More

Using Testnetic for Version and Environment Testing

If you are like most companies you will have several versions of your website or web application. There naturally will be production. There usually is staging and there could be development, separate to development that takes place on the developers … Read More

Accelerate Testing with enhanced Test Case and Test Suite flexibility

Building quality applications requires a robust approach to Test Case Management. Therefore we are pleased to advise next time you login to Testnetic there will be one new key feature. The User Interface that you are familiar with is largely … Read More

eBook: Software Testing For Startups.

[no email address required] We are strong advocates of testing early, regardless of how little code there is. In developing a number of projects we have seen this to be of real benefit, especially when you are working with a … Read More

Using Test Suites for Regression Testing

Human nature dictates that the focus is on new things and in the context of software product that is also the case. But it is critical to ensure core features and previous capability is not broken or lost with the … Read More

Introducing Testnetic [90 second video]

Get control of your software testing with the Testnetic test case manager. Testnetic combines testing with issue tracking in a single intuitive  and affordable hosted solution. Get your free trial (no credit card required).

Improving testing workflows for testers and developers

With the adoption of any new technology comes a learning cycle, and to be candid Testnetic is no exemption. But over the next few articles ( maybe we should call it the Learning Series) we will illustrate how some of … Read More